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Toddler – 8 Themes Package


Workshops For 18months to 4years old

Family Thematic Play Group

🌟 Welcome to Our Magical Thematic Playgroup: Where Music Meets Art! 🎶🎨

Let your little ones embark on a captivating journey, exploring the wonders of music and sensory art within engaging, themed sessions.

Parents are encouraged to join their little ones in every session, creating cherished bonding moments while sharing the joy of learning and exploration together


This package includes a choice of 8 themes. Feel free to select the theme that best suits your preference.

Our Family Thematic Playgroup are scheduled to take place at least once a month, with each session lasting 1.5 hours.

Join our enchanting Family Thematic Playgroup, where your child’s potential blossoms like a vibrant flower. With us, you’re not just parents; you’re co-creators of a colorful journey filled with melodies and artistic wonders.

🎵 Musical Exploration: Experience the joy in your child’s eyes as they explore melodies and rhythms. Our activities aren’t just musical notes; they’re keys to cognitive growth and emotional expression, sparking creativity and self-discovery.

🎨 Sensory Art Adventures: Dive into a world where colors dance and textures speak. Through touch and creation, our art sessions nurture emotional expression and imagination, painting their journey with vibrant strokes.

Early experiences shape lifelong learning. Research confirms that music and art enhance brain development, instilling a passion for creativity. By joining us, you provide a foundation woven from the harmony of music and art, ensuring your child steps into the world with confidence and creativity.

With a decade of dedication, we’re more than educators; we’re custodians of your child’s potential. Let’s create cherished memories, laying the strongest foundation for your child’s radiant future.

🎶 Come, Let the Music Play and the Colors Flow! 🎨

The venue is at Gelatomania, located at Glo Damansara Shopping Center, Level 2 in the heart of Petaling Jaya
Please note that the dates and times are tentative and subject to change.

After purchasing the package, kindly confirm your preferred theme to secure your slot.

Upon confirming your attendance theme, cancellations are only accepted up to 1 week before the event date, allowing us ample time to find a replacement.

In case of emergencies, eg. child sick, please provide necessary documentation for cancellation approval


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