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“For more than a decade, we’ve been igniting the spark of creativity and joy in young learners’ educational adventures with our captivating and enjoyable learning experiences.”

Hi! We are Suzie & Sarah! Sisters and the heart of May-I-Do-It

We specialize in creating engaging learning experiences for children by offering a wide range of creative learning activity kits.

Here at May.iDOit (formerly knows as ArtventurewithSarah), you’ll find inspiringly fun learning creative activities to keep your children’s days full of adventure and joy! Our fun creative activity kits have given many smiles to many kids of all ages. 

These kits are designed to help kids of all ages explore their artistic skills and provide hours of fun, creative and educational activities, either independently or with others.

We aim to enhance a child’s educational journey, making it more fruitful, meaningful and enjoyable.

Best Creative Tools for Kids

Let Creativity Bring New Meaning to Learning!

“Art brings new ideas and deeper understanding to learning. It goes beyond the usual limits, sparking creativity and critical thinking. In education, art inspires innovation, turning learning into an exciting and transformative experience.”


“Nice texture. Great scent. Easy to wash off. Really happy to let kids play with it.”

Mama of 4 & 7y.o. children


“We loved the ocean set! My son really played with the playdough for hours although he doesn’t really know how yet and as a mom, I appreciated that different colours come individual containers so I can tidy up easily. “

Mama of a toddler


“I did some online “window shopping” looking for CNY kit to go with our theme this week. I like this one from artvewnturewithsarah the best! 3 tubes of playdough & variety of CNY little decorations with reasonable price”

Single mama of a 5 y.o. girl

Shop Today & Get Up to 50% Off  for selected Arts & Crafts Box

Learning anytime & anywhere at the comfort of your own home

Bringing you different theme every month.

May.iDOit arts and crafts boxes provides an E.P.I.C. learning journey for your little ones

Every box we provide 4 different lessons which includes:-

Thematic, Creative & Fun Learning in

  • Thematic Play Dough,
  • Finger Painting,
  • Drawing
  • Collage Art
  • and lotsa fun learning activities



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